From this point forward, a weekly beach trip is on our itinerary. Bean Hollow in Pescadero is definitely one that we will grow with, but only on a weekday. With such a small parking lot and unique features, I can imagine that crawling along the small, sheltered coves during the weekend would be very challenging with a large crowd.


So many reasons to visit: two beaches comprised of polished rocks and minerals, weathered sandstone classified as “tafoni”, a diversity of native wildflowers along a hiking trail, and tide pools bordered by tall sea palms (Postelsia palmaeformis). The only reason why we left for home yesterday was the presence of a thickening blanket of chilly fog.

Note to self: pack more layers.


We mainly sifted through the pebbled beach and poked our fingers into small tafoni caverns. I was excited to find agates, jasper, and moonstone. Kiddo took his time feeling the pebbles. I worked quickly to keep him from devouring them. I just wonder how long it will be until he is the one pointing out each type; I cannot wait for that.


Note to self: after packing more layers into the car trunk, toss in a rock and mineral field guide. A macro lens for the camera, too.