I look at the baskets of toys that family, friends, and I have given to our son and I wonder what he will remember most. Kiddo has his favorites, including a stuffed monkey, wood rattles, a pie tin, pasta in a water bottle, and a food container with ribbons sticking out of it.

I found the latter object, a tactile ribbon pull toy, on a blog called The Imagination Tree.


I landed on the site after scouring the internet for handmade ideas and reading more about “play” during the first few months of an infant’s life. I like the Montessori practice of leaving open baskets of items from around the home and toys within reach, and the pull toy seemed like a great addition.

Bonus two times over: I had to drink lot of hot chocolate so I could use the container, and the project depleted a good part of my ribbon stash.

Slight differences from the blog version include:

  • The addition of a small rattle insert that I normally use for soft toys. (If you do this, make sure that the lid is glued down tight).
  • Placing ribbons at different angles through the container.
  • Looping a bit of elastic through the lid so the toy may be held with one hand and “batted” with the other.

One trick that made pulling the ribbons through the container easier was to fold a piece of paper over the ribbon’s end.


I finished it in two naps time, and the kiddo loves to play with it! Give this one or something similar a try. I was surprised by how quickly he took to it.

I hope you find time to make a handmade toy and that it becomes one of your child’s favorites. It’s so rewarding.