I live in a city deemed “climate best by government test”, and sometimes I just want to experience a breezy, foggy day. Today, we found Cowell Ranch Beach.


Discovering places with my pint-sized sidekick is awesome, it really is. I am getting better at narrating our activities and choosing what to point out. I get to see him observe things for the very first time, and there was a lot to filter today. Rocks? Sand? Waves? Wildflowers? Birds? Algae? Shells? Fishermen? Beachgoers? It was difficult to choose. I went with waves, wildflowers, and birds. (Saving the algae and shells for a time when I can discourage him from tasting new things).

It was the best feeling to point at soaring pelicans and foraging cormorants and see the boy track the birds across the sky.

I took photos of several things, to share with you.


This beach access trail is guarded by a large white whale.


Fragrant Brussels sprouts fenced by wood posts, wire, and fennel


Clarkia rubicunda, Farewell to Spring


A good sign at the top of the stairs


Eriogonum latifolium, coast buckwheat


Watching waves crash onto the shore –
I could have stood in that spot for hours


Human sign – Beach litter


Human sign – rock pile


Velella velella, by-the-wind-sailor


Postelsia palmaeformis, sea palm