It is time to create things to hide in the garden! We are days away from one of my favorite spring activities – the Easter egg hunt.

I recently came across a plastic rabbit and a few eggs from my childhood, and thought it would be fun to make things for the boy to search for. The first completed project is a bunny pouch, designed by artist Merrilee Liddiard. She creates things for her children and inspires us to create for the children we know.

You can find a template for the design at her blog, Mer Mag.


I needed three hours to hand embroider and machine stitch my bunnies. Materials included wool felt, felted balls, polyester thread, and cotton floss.


The only tricky part was creating the “pouch” itself. I had a difficult time making a recognizable bow. To accomplish this, I opened the pouch and placed the ears together – left front matching right front, left back matching right back. I then inserted a straight pin into each side. After pinning, tying a neat ribbon was much easier!


These bunnies might only contain fiber fill this year. If you are going to fill yours with something edible, be sure to wrap the contents securely with waxed paper or plastic.