I’ve been waiting a long time for Spring. Happy memories of exploring colorful local gardens last year were teasing me. At that time, I carried a tiny baby alongside other moms and babies I met in yoga along paths at places like the Elizabeth F. Gamble Garden. Our family even managed to get out to Edgewood Park and Natural Preserve a few times to see oak woodland and serpentine grassland wildflowers.

Recently, the only rainbows of color we see are from lines of sidewalk chalk that the boy and I sketch on concrete. Late February gave us the beginning of geranium and succulent flowers, but those were not enough. I was tired of looking at bare earth with slowly-growing green perennials.


In the yard was a pile of discarded polished pebbles and in the house was a box of ignored acrylic paint. I thought the two should come together not just for the purpose of decorating the space adjacent to our front door, but to provide another distraction for the boy. He’s been exploring, and one of his favorite places to go is our neighbor’s front yard where there is a larger collection of rocks.

I had a batch of personalized pebbles in three naps time. I first applied one coat of white acrylic paint on each one because I didn’t have gesso to prime the stony surface.

I followed up with color. Most have three coats.


After one night of drying, I arranged them in a spot adjacent to our chalk drawing surface. It didn’t take long for our son to discover them, and they immediately became stacking stones, scattering stones, and canvases for chalk drawings.


We have been playing with these for a few weeks now, and haven’t seen the color fade. Flowers are beginning to bloom and today is the first day of Spring. It is so welcome!

Admittedly, I am now looking for other things to paint.