I needed to satisfy a recent craving for brownies and my husband, Brian wanted to experiment with making dulce de leche in the sous vide. We are pleased to report about our success. With an overnight wait, a stroller walk to the grocery store, and one nap, we had scrumptious Dulce de Leche Brownies. You should enjoy them, too.


The cocoa I used was not the ultimate variety *Valrhona* that I bring out at Christmas time (truffle foreshadowing here), but Hershey’s. I vaguely remember an instant messaging conversation with a friend about cocoa ratings, and she advised that Hershey’s earned high reviews. I decided to go with it, and was not disappointed.

The only thing I would add for the next time would be a scattering of Maldon salt across the top. Either my batch needed salt to balance out the sweetness, or I just have become accustomed to eating salted caramel.

As the recipe states, flavors meld best by the second day. Good luck waiting that long.