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Susan Schwarz

Stacking Blocks from Mer Mag

I could do nothing but paint wood blocks right now. Well, paint blocks and take the kiddo to the children’s section of the San Francisco Zoo. (We were there recently. There are goats.) I highly recommend both. I am not… Continue Reading →

Chocolate Easter Bunny

It’s the perfect chocolate rabbit for a toddler! A dark chocolate-colored, fiber filled rabbit made of wool felt. These ears can withstand repeated chewing. Chocolate Rabbit Softie as seen on Cricut Design Space The project is available on Cricut Design… Continue Reading →

Bunny Pouch from Mer Mag

It is time to create things to hide in the garden! We are days away from one of my favorite spring activities – the Easter egg hunt. I recently came across a plastic rabbit and a few eggs from my… Continue Reading →

Painted Stones

I’ve been waiting a long time for Spring. Happy memories of exploring colorful local gardens last year were teasing me. At that time, I carried a tiny baby alongside other moms and babies I met in yoga along paths at… Continue Reading →

Landmark Valley Oaks

I became especially fond of Valley Oaks (Quercus lobata), when I worked in Carmel Valley as a field biologist. These trees have significant biological and aesthetic value, and I always take a moment to admire one when I come across… Continue Reading →

LED Monster Hat, V1

My imagination was running wild recently. TTITD was one week away, and I wanted to send my husband off with something to wear at night. The playa gets awfully cold, and it’s important to wear as many lights as possible… Continue Reading →

Carnivorous Plant Exhibition

I love plants. Searching for and identifying plants has become a passion of mine, may they be shiny green house plants or short-lived wildflowers or massive, landmark-sized trees. I have my favorite types, one of them being carnivorous plants. Venus… Continue Reading →

Bean Hollow Pebble Beach

From this point forward, a weekly beach trip is on our itinerary. Bean Hollow in Pescadero is definitely one that we will grow with, but only on a weekday. With such a small parking lot and unique features, I can… Continue Reading →

A Simple Baby Toy

I look at the baskets of toys that family, friends, and I have given to our son and I wonder what he will remember most. Kiddo has his favorites, including a stuffed monkey, wood rattles, a pie tin, pasta in… Continue Reading →

Cowell Ranch Beach

I live in a city deemed “climate best by government test”, and sometimes I just want to experience a breezy, foggy day. Today, we found Cowell Ranch Beach. Discovering places with my pint-sized sidekick is awesome, it really is. I… Continue Reading →

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